Our Story…..

Fergus and Friends is run by Steven and Jess Stokoe. Jess began brush browsing in 2013 when she bought goats and sheep to browse her parent’s property and rid it of poison ivy. The beginning however, wasn’t at all positive, as they found it nearly impossible to keep the goats in their allotted fields grazing on what they wanted gone.

The first goat Jess bought was a little orphan Boer goat names Fergus who had been raised by a surrogate mother because his own mother had passed away. As a baby, Fergus was a trouble maker. More often than not he could be found eating rose bushes and the leaves off of baby maple trees in the backyard instead of being with the rest of his crew in the pasture.

Fergus at only 3 months old
Fergus basking in a field with his buddy “Orion”


In 2015 Jess was forced to find a new home for Fergus due to many failed attempts at finding a way to keep the veracious goat out of the rose garden. In 2016, however, after a lot of research, Jess found a fence that worked quite well for containing her “escape artist” goats and began building up her flock to contain several different breeds. That summer she finally decided to set up a program for others where her goats could be contracted out to browse offending weeds and overgrowth in a green, environmentally friendly way.

In the fall of 2016 the lady who had taken Fergus contacted Jess to tell her that he was becoming too bossy toward her potbelly pig and, though she adored the big goofball, she had to send him back with his friend Ella. Jess gladly brought Fergus back to the farm and the name of our business was officially born: Fergus and Friends.

Jess now owns four separate breeds of goats as part of her brush browsing crew including three Boer goats who love their jobs; Gracie, Joelle and of course… Fergus.


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