Welcome to Fergus and Friends where we enjoy landscaping with goats! If you’re looking for an economical and environmentally friendly way to remove brush and weeds from your property then look no more! Fergus and Friends specializes in brush removal and clearing for any size property or location, and we service the immediate areas around Rochester and beyond!
     Fergus and Friends offers a clean natural way to remove noxious weeds, brush, small trees and vines from your property ! If you’re looking to clear some hard to get to land or even just want to see what it would be like to have a natural brush clearer work your property over Fergus and friends is your go-to crew! Poison ivy? Trees? Rocky land? These surefooted guys love it!! Not only that, but they are a joy to watch as they play and climb happily through the vegetation that you so desperately want to be rid of!

How it works!

When you contact an associate at Fergus and Friends we will set up a time to come check out your property and give you a free estimate. After we get a chance to meet you and check out your property, we will send you a quote for you to sign and set up a date.
When everything is planned out it’s time to move in the fencing, water supply and goats! No muss, no fuss, no work on your part.  Not only do you get to have these experts clean up your property, they’re the only kind of experts that appreciate being called super adorable! It’s not every day you get to say that your landscapers are a crew of goats!
At Fergus and Friends we don’t discriminate between gender or breed. Everyone is equal! We provide maternity leave for our brush clearing expert mothers, however, that can limit us to fewer goats during the spring season. For safety reasons we give our mothers lengthy maternity leave and don’t force the little ones into child labor. All of the goats that will be working are adults and seasoned experts at their job so you get what you pay for!
Please note that our goats are working animals and our brush crew will not suffice for a petting zoo. Our fence is electric to keep wild animals (And yes, even your pet dogs!) out of the work zones, if you have children or pets we caution visiting the working goats as children can touch electric fencing. We do offer visitors to our farm on occasion to keep the spirit and moral up of our mother goats, but do not appreciate unannounced visitors.
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